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SPMPC - Sugar Planters Mechanical Pool Corporation - MU

Iframac Road, Plaine Lauzun

Téléphone : (262) 212 0725 / 3487 / 9138


The Sugar Planters Mechanical Pool Corporation is a service-oriented organisation, which serves mainly the small sugar cane planters community. The latter produces about 40% of the national sugar production. There are currently about 30,000 small planters and their lands are scattered into approximately 200,000 small plots.   The Corporation’s mission: To keep, maintain and operate a fleet of agricultural machinery with a view to participate fully in the achievement of sugar production targets by the timely provision of these machines to the planters’ community, particularly small planters for the preparation of their land to facilitate them maximise yield per hectare.   The Corporation offers its services to mainly small sugar cane planters, irrrespective of whether the size of their plots is too small or is found in very remote and not easily accessible regions. Moreover the tractor hire rates charged to small sugar cane planters have remained unchanged for the past twelve years and are highly subsidized.   The Corporation provides the following services: Light / Heavy bulldozing including derocking Ripping and cross-ripping Raking and rock-pushing Furrowing Levelling Rock breaking and soil compaction for in-field road making


The objectives of the Corporation as set out in the SPMPC Act are as follows:- To maintain a pool of agricultural machinery for the purpose of the sugar industry. To hire the machines of the Corporation to such persons on such terms and conditions as the Board may determine.



Enseigne :
SPMPC - Sugar Planters Mechanical Pool Corporation - MU

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Sugar Planters Mechanical Pool Corporation

Téléphone :
(262) 212 0725 / 3487 / 9138

Fax :
(262) 212 9045

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Adresse :
Iframac Road, Plaine Lauzun


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